What our members have to say...

"Prioritize Your Sanity community provides ongoing support from like-minded people that is a completely judgment-free zone. It's a place where you are safe to share your struggles without ridicule-rather you will be lifted up like nowhere else!"

I see it as a place to continue to use and implement your skills from Bootcamp that provides encouragement, support and community. Members are at different points on their journey and can share experiences to help others while getting help themselves.

A safe place to share your wins & get support when you are stuck or need more motivation.

I guess I see Prioritize Your Sanity as a community of support for those who are continuing to build on the principles learned in Clutter Bootcamp.

What is included in THE Prioritize your sanity Membership?


Access to a totally private, active, supportive Facebook group.


A weekly Q&A Call with a certified Clutter Coach. Calls are recorded and the most recent calls are saved in your membership site.

Resource Library

A membership site with access to any lessons, q&a calls, or content you purchase. Additionally, all of our free resources are included here for easy access.

Bootcamp Lessons

Access to the foundational lessons while you are a member of Clutter Foundations. These are the same lessons we teach in Clutter Bootcamp.

Monthly Challenges

& Decluttering Marathons

Fun challenges to keep you going each month.

Dedicated Support

Clutter Foundations has a program coordinator, Amber Raygor, supporting the group every day.

How does Membership work?

Monthly Membership $10

Clutter Foundations is a $10 per month membership group. When you sign up you authorize a $10 monthly payment. There is no contract and you can cancel anytime. Cancellations are not prorated. Once canceled, your membership will expire at the end of your current month.

Annual Membership $120

There is also an option to make annual payments of $120. When you choose to join with an annual membership you will get bonus access to the Clutter Boss At Home Self Study Course. There is no contract and you can cancel anytime. Cancellations are not prorated. Once canceled, your membership will expire at the end of your current month.


When can I have access after signing up?

As soon as you sign up! You will receive an email confirmation and another email with your login details to access the course and our exclusive Facebook group.

If you have already joined some of our programs, you can access the same membership site and find the Prioritize Your Sanity folder added to your library.

What if I miss a coaching session?

No worries! All calls will be recorded and can be accessed through your membership site. As long as you show up for yourself and take action, you will get the most out of this program.

Where can I access the course?

You can find all the lessons and coaching call recordings in your membership site: https://login.clutterboss.com/

What should I do if I can't access my account?

Please feel free to email us at support@prioritizeyoursanity.com so we can assist you.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access to the Decluttering Marathons and Bootcamps you've joined during your active subscription in Prioritize Your Sanity. However, you will lose access to the Prioritize Your Sanity folder as soon as you cancel your subscription.

How is this different from the other courses you offer?

Prioritize Your Sanity is a community-based program that provides access to a weekly coaching call, the bi-monthly Decluttering Marathon, and the quarterly Clutter Bootcamp LIVE. All for a monthly fee of $10 only!

What is your Refund Policy?

Our refund policy clearly states that due to the intellectual property content and nature of this program - the lessons, the access to our community, the ability to join a live coaching call each week, and access to the replays, we do not offer refunds (since we cannot take back the knowledge imparted).




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